Do the prices shown on the website include travel?

No. Mileage and, when needed, accomodations and meals are additional expenses. Mileage is charged at 55¢ per mile. Per diem expenses for hotel and meals are charged per the current GSA rate. Every attempt is made to minimize these costs. These costs are passed on directly, without a markup.

How are the "value" costs calculated?

By comparison to comparable retail services offered by vendors, such as Geek Squad and Connective Web Design.

Is it possible to change the software, framework, or plugins? Can we customize Third Way's services?

Of course! However, keep in mind that one of the main ways that Third Way offers high-quality work at low prices is to streamline and standardize services. Significant changes to parts of the services quickly result in cost increases, as the result of additional time investment.

What if we only need part of the services offered? If we already have a TechSoup account, for example?

Discounts are available in such circumstances. However, there is still some cost involved, since Third Way must integrate these existing accounts into the overall upgrade and remediation process.

If I have a Discount Code, what does that cover?

Discount Codes cover only standard services offered on the website. It does not apply to travel costs, or to custom services (such as logo creation or purchasing images).

My organization is too small to take advantage of bulk user packages. Can you help?

Yes! Third Way is willing to work with small organizations to combine their order with those of other, nearby agencies when possible to produce savings for both.