The Base Agencywide Service prepares your organization for the modernization process. It creates a central, cutting age hub that your staff, board, and volunteers can "plug into." That includes not only a software and cloud services framework, but also the legal and administrative framework that will be used to buy and maintain software and licenses. Third Way works with your administrative and financial staff to minimize the burden to your organization while maximizing capability. Once that basic foundation has been laid, Third Way can begin upgrading and remediating individual users.

This package includes the following services:

For each of your primary users, Third Way will configure their primary computer for their use. In most organizations, primary users are staff. However, they may also include board members and occasionally volunteers.

If individual users make use of more than one computer, their settings for Windows and Office will follow them from machine to machine.

The cost of setting up a multi-user machine, accessible by several users but not assigned to anyone (say, in a conference room) is the same.

  • Migrate to Windows 10

  • Create Microsoft Account

  • Install & Set Up Office 365*

  • Install Antivirus

  • Tune-Up (remove Bloatware, Defragment, etc.)

  • 1 Hour of File/Setting Migration

  • 1 Hour of Troubleshooting